Q. What’s a three-in-one?
Our signature bracelet wraps around your wrist three times, ankle two times, and as a necklace one time.
Q. How do I know what size to order?
There’s a little method to this madness – please pick the size you want the bracelet circumference to be. The end product (as a whole) will wrap to this size. See sizing guide.
Q. I love it. Can I wear it everyday?
Yes, put it on everyday! BUT this beauty isn't made for 24/7 wear. It's made with beading wire which is super durable, but it's not bionic. Daily wear and sun, and water will weaken the wire and the beads will fade.
Q. Can I wear this in the water?
Let’s define water: are you a pro surfer or are you washing your hands? I don’t recommend rigorous water activities, but it’ll be fine if you wash your hands.
The toggle clasp makes these pieces easy to take off, so when in doubt, better safe than sorry.
Most water activities mean sunscreen, so that’s where you need to be careful. Sunscreens (and aerosols of any kind- perfume, bug spray) can strip the beads of colour, and exposure to the hot sun can fade the beads. Plus, who wants tan lines??
Q. Can I wear this beauty to the dance?
I strive to have your bracelet made within one week of your order. If you need it rushed, let’s make it happen!
Q. I want to order 15 bracelets for my bridesmaids. Can you give me a discount?
Yes! That is a great idea – if you buy multiples (5 or more) of the same bracelet, HB will offer a discount.
Q. I don’t see any tax being charged.
Right now HB doesn’t charge tax. Sweet deal for you!